Our Promises We promise that each travel specialist, travel guide and travel specialist partners on Tour Altinkum Travel are highly experianced in their own branches&indistury. Each travel specialist, travel guide and travel specialist partner on Tour Altinkum Travel are personally and meticulously screened by us. To ensure quality, we have spent thousands of hours pre-qualifying and selecting these experts. You will be helped with specialist who are tru experts at customizing&operating your particular trip.

Default&Fraud Protection Since we began doing bussines in 2006, Tour Altinkum Travel clients have booked thousands of trips without encountering a single case of default or fraud. However, in the unlikely event of a travel specialist partner or guide default or fraud, Tour Altinkum Travel will replace all paid services with the same or equilavent services by another travel specialist partner or guide. We provide this protection so you can book and travel with confidance.

We are Here to Help you Travel specialist on Tour Altinkum Travel work with travelers to quickly resolve issues. We have customer representatives in our Office to serve you 24/7. We are commited to help find a fair resolution and act with integrity